Upgrading transport links & improving digital connectivity

Having the right infrastructure, whether that's transport or digital, is key to a thriving community and economy. Meriden is one of the best connected Constituencies in the county with our excellent road, rail and air links, with huge investment going into all three transport modes, as well as investment for Active Travel Measures to encourage cycling and walking. 

I understand the importance of reliable and efficient transport, which is why I am dedicated to enhancing our train and bus services. By working alongside Solihull Council, I am constantly making the case for convenient and sustainable transportation options for all residents. Our goal is to make commuting easier, reduce congestion, and promote environmentally friendly modes of travel throughout our community.

Equally important is ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, has the right skills to make the most of the online world. Age should never be a barrier to embracing the digital world. That is why I am actively working to offer tailored digital skills training programs across the Meriden constituency, empowering people to navigate the digital world with confidence.

Additionally, I have been working to improving broadband connectivity across the constituency. Having collaborated with service providers and making the case for robust infrastructure, we will be able to ensure reliable and high-speed internet access for all residents, opening up endless opportunities for education, communication, and economic growth.

See my latest work on upgrading transport links and improving digital connectivity below:


Saqib brings digital skills to Chelmsley Wood

Saqib Bhatti, Member of Parliament for Meriden, co-hosted a digital inclusion workshop in conjunction with Lloyds Banking Group for the local community at the Three Trees Centre in Chelmsley Wood.

Saqib applauds innovation at Varamis Rail

In 2020 Saqib spoke to Varamis Rail about their desire to create a new light freight rail service.

In June 2023, visit the team and witnessed those initial plans come to fruition in just over two years, with freight moving from Bham International to Glasgow in just over 4 hours! 

Saqib visits M42 Junction 6 Improvement Scheme site

Saqib visited the West Midlands Highways team for a site tour of the M42 J6 Improvement Scheme. 

Once complete, the new road layout will significantly ease traffic pressures and increase journey reliability around Bickenhill, Catherine de Barnes and surrounding areas.