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As the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Meriden & Solihull East and, prior to the dissolution of Parliament, the MP for Meriden, my constituents' access to healthcare services is of the utmost importance to me. We have several wonderful healthcare facilities across Solihull borough but we must continue to improve our healthcare network to better serve the local community. Our next step is to restore Accident and Emergency (A&E) health services to the Solihull borough. At the moment residents of the Solihull borough have to travel to different areas to access an A&E department, with many travelling to Bordesley Green to attend Heartlands Hospital. For many people within our community travelling to Bordesley Green is impractical and arduous, making accessing A&E services difficult. 

Our community deserves the best healthcare facilities available and restoring an A&E department to the Solihull borough is paramount to developing our access to emergency medical services. I am campaigning on this issue by talking to the Health Secretary and the Head of the NHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Board to bring this issue to their attention and ask them how we can best bring A&E to the Solihull borough. You can support this campaign by signing my petition for this initiative. Together we can secure an A&E department for the Solihull borough and make sure that everyone has convenient access to this vital emergency medical service. 


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A&E Petition

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