Business Rates

Thank you for participating in Saqib Bhatti MP’s Business Rates Survey.

The survey is aimed at local businesses in the Meriden constituency and is part of the Treasury’s business rates consultation over the summer. (Responses are also welcome from businesses beyond the constituency and any stakeholders who may be interested). 

The Business Rates Survey will collect the views of local businesses on the current rates system and on possible ideas for reform. The responses will feed into the Treasury’s national consultation which will consider respondents’ views when shaping future policy.


Business Rates Survey

  • 1 Current: Reliefs
  • 2 The Business Rates Multiplier
  • 3 Valuations and Transitional Reliefs
  • 4 Plant and Machinery
  • 5 Maintaining the Accuracy of Rating Lists
  • 6 The Billing Process
  • 7 Alternatives
  • 8 Your details
1) Do you receive any form of Business Rates Relief?
2) Do you feel the current system of reliefs is fair to your business?
Not sure
3) If you have received reliefs, have you found that the rent you pay for your commercial property has increased over the years as a result of this?
Yes (I do not own the property)
No (I do not own the property)
4) Do you think your landlord would increase your rent if they became aware you were entitled to greater reliefs?
Not sure
5) The local authority and the Treasury work together on the Business Rates system. Do you think the local authority should have more, less or the same level control? (Control: determining business rates reliefs and exemptions)
The same